The Company

When quality & services are as valuable as ethics and determination, you require a business partner who stands by your vision through the future. Welcome to the TRISHUL Group of Companies, where we have been progressing with this path since 1985. Avon Flavours, Trishul Food Colours and Trishul Saccharin Pvt. Ltd. are three of our prime companies that form the group's foundation. Instituted by the dynamic visionary Shri Mahendra Kathrani, these companies manufacture quality Flavours, Food Colours and Seasonings. Each of the companies is ISO 9001:2008 accredited and have had consistent growth over the years. With more than five decades of experience in the flavours and food colours manufacturing industry, the focus has always been on Total Client Satisfaction. Our client's faith in our business stands as a testimony for the unmatched products and services.

With the group's headquarters in Mumbai, there are manufacturing units in both Vapi, Gujarat and Mumbai, Maharashtra. Having a team of over 150 highly proficient and pro-active personnel, the companies are moving ahead with foresight. It is the team's experience and commitment that has brought the companies to where they stand today. With exports to numerous countries across the globe, our prime focus is always impeccable quality products and fine services.

Avon Flavours manufactures food flavours, Trishul Food Colours is highly reputed in the industry for its food colours and Trishul Saccharin Pvt. Ltd. manufactures seasonings. These are the most trusted brands by all quality conscious customers in the industry. The motto of the group has always been superior quality of products and service at affordable prices.

With state of the art manufacturing plants, the companies manufacture a range of innovative products as well as maintain high quality control and hygiene. Products are also customized to meet the customer's technical and organoleptic requirements. All the units observe a streamlined workflow system through the production, packaging and storage units. We understand that it is our duty to prioritize the retention of aroma, taste and flavour of our products, abiding with the safety adherence of National and International regulations.

Besides, the group also houses an independent Research & Development Laboratory that offer modern testing equipments and amenities. All these in-house facilities enable high levels of tailor making through the range of products. It is this impact, compatibility and stability that allows the group to excel at every stage of production with timely delivery and cost effective solutions.

At the TRISHUL Group we have achieved the pinnacles of success, making every obstacle a true challenge. Since our humble inception, the team has strived to focus on the client's strategic requirements and ensure that every process of production, delivery and consumption is planned and executed with adequate attention to detail. We are particular about consumers satisfaction and also have a direct 'Customer Care Helpline' number where we undertake all our client's requests and suggestions.

Our concentration on maintaining consistent and unadulterated quality, even in times of rising raw material costs, brings about a sense of integrity in the way of conducting business, which is highly appreciated by our customers. We offer timely schedules of delivery and constantly renew and upgraded our production methods.