Management Team

After successfully completing his B. S. (Chemical Engineering) degree course in the United States of America, Shri Bipin Kathrani moved on to developing his skillsets at Flavours & Perfumery Compounds, in M/S. Norda Inc. and J & E Sozio Inc. U.S.A. He now provides leadership and vision to help shape the future of foods at Avon Flavours.

With an experience that spans over four decades, Shri Vasant Kathrani brings to the table tremendous technical expertise and business skills. He leads the Food Colour division with great passion and believes that each product can enrich lives and foods around the world.

Heading the second generation of entrepreneurs in the group is Mr. Kunal Kathrani. He has been an integral part of Avon Flavours for over 20 years. His specialisation in Family Business Management (fMBA) has enabled him to fast-track the company’s success and smoothly mitigate challenges. He has even helped Avon Flavours to carve a niche for itself as a seasoning manufacturer. Moreover, his clients and associates have conferred upon him the title - ‘Master Blender of Seasonings’.

Being the youngest member in the team has not, in the least been a challenge for Mr. Chirag Kathrani. He holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration (Tech). His knowledge enables him to deliver time-efficient and cost-effective solutions for increasing production capabilities at Avon Flavour’s manufacturing plants and overlooks the operations of the company.


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